Prestwold Hall Race Track – Leicestershire

If you fancy fast cars, you probably dream of one-day racing in one. Of the super cars on UK roads, the Lamborghini is the crème de la crème and while it might look out of reach for you, we can conjure some magic to get you in one. What’s more, we will do this on one of the most fantastic racetracks: Prestwold Hall Race Track!

Why Prestwold Hall Racing?

About the Lamborghini, there is no argument, but why Prestwold Hall? This track is purpose-built for racing, which means everything about it aims to enhance the thrill by making you get more out of your driving.

Located in Loughborough, Leicestershire less than 25 minutes from Nottingham, this high-speed racing track allows you to push your Lamborghini on fast straights and high speed corners. Indeed, you will be forgiven for having that out-of-body experience that the mercurial F1 legend Ayrton Senna and Lewis Hamilton have both described.

Well, you might not reach those speeds but we guarantee you an out of this world experience when you book your package with us. The track was open for racing in 2003 and some of the outstanding features that have made it the talk of racing enthusiasts include:

  • Track length: 1.8 miles incorporating all the thrills and spills you associate with the best race tracks.
  • Versatile packages: Whether you want to race alone or in a group, we have a package to suit you and this is one of the underpinnings of Prestwold Hall Race Track.
  • Track width: The main tarmac track is 10 miles in width, which makes it a delight when racing and with long straights, you can hit top speeds in your Lamborghini; the feeling is that of pure exhilaration.
  • Challenge: While you can hit top speeds, the demanding corners and a chicane add to the challenge and you will have to break a sweat controlling your road monster but isn’t this what racing is all about?

There is much more to enjoy in at Prestwold Hall including amazing facilities and versatile experiences to suit any type of petrol head.

Drive a Lamborghini Aventador at Preswold Hall