Elvington Race Track – North Yorkshire

Elvington Airfield is what you can easily call a driver’s dream come true. If you fancy cars, and of course you do, then you should start arranging for a trip up to York for one of the most magnificent Lamborghini driving experiences in the UK.

Invaluable Assistance

The beauty about this track is the fact that we actually give you all the assistance you need before hitting the track. Our instructors will first take you out in a BMW M3 OR Range Rover Sport for you to get a feel of the track and learn the curves before you actually get into your Gallardo or Murcielago.

Elvington is one of the few places at the moment where you can drive the newer Huracan or Aventador.

But that’s not all; the track is spectacular and offers spectators a scintillating view right next to the track.  With cone marking to make it fast and safe, you are able to combine the two components of a great racing day out. The large run off area also makes it ideal if you are a novice.

Elvington Race Track in Details

The race track was developed way back in 1941 as part of the Second World War campaign. After the war, various activities have taken place here but racing is the primary business. It offers the ultimate driving experience especially in fast cars due to not only its heritage but also the features that include:

  • Circuit length: The track day circuit is 1.8 miles while the experience circuit is shorter at 1.5 miles, which is long enough to pump your adrenaline as you push your Lamborghini to the limit. This makes it one of the largest airfield venues out there for a fast driving experience.
  • Fun fact: The experienced Richard Hammond of Top Gear held his near-fatal drive in the Vampire Dragster at Elvington in 2006.
  • Versatile range of supercar options: We provide a wide range of race options from 1 car to 4 car races to spice things up.  This set is unrivaled by other racetracks, which makes your Lamborghini driving experience even more fulfilling.
  • Difficulty: There are expansive straights at Elvington but also twisting corners that add a thrill to your race day out.

Safety considerations come first here and for any package, you choose we ensure that you get the most out of your Lamborghini once you hit the track.