Bruntingthorpe Circuit – Leicestershire

If you love fast cars then you must be a fan of Top Gear. It follows then that you miss Jeremy badly but what if we told you can drive a Lamborghini on one of his favourite tracks? Welcome to Bruntingthorpe Circuit, Leicestershire, an ex-Top Gear location that has become one of the most popular proving grounds in the UK over the last few years.

Exhilarating Racing Experience

When you let out Lamborghini on a 60-meter wide track only one thing can happen, mad fun. Indeed, this is what has made Bruntingthorpe Circuit a buzzword among racing enthusiasts. This track is a combination of some of the best straights and corners to bring out the raw driver in you. It has a rich heritage dating back to 1942 as an RAF ground but today it has become the apex of super car driving experiences.

Insight on Bruntingthorpe Circuit

What makes this circuit tick or why should you book with us for a track day out?  Some of these features make its allure irresistible:

  • 2.1-mile track which is perfect for beginners but also ideal if you want to push your Lamborghini to the edge.
  • Best driving experience: The selection of long straights coupled with some 90° right handed corners makes for one exciting driving experience. In total, there are 9 turns which is incredible for a full day racing experience.
  • Versatility: Whether you are looking for a family day out or a corporate team building, our range of packages can suit any driving experience that you need in a Lamborghini.
  • Scenery: We can confidently say that no other racing track comes enveloped in such immaculate scenery.  Not only will you have an ultimate driving experience, you will also drink in the freshness of the country.

So, Jeremy Clarkson might be gone from Top Gear but you can always call on us to reconnect you with those good times through a full day of Lamborghini driving at the Bruntingthorpe Circuit.